The Daily Dog: Shut Him Down

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he would “love to see a shutdown” of the federal government. It is the first time in Washington politics that the idea of a federal shutdown has been weaponized, but it’s not the first time that Donald Trump has shut down people’s livelihoods and existence…There’s Trump’s shuttered casinos, failed real estate projects, steak company, university.

A threat to close the government because of repeated budget impasses and democrats’ refusal to bow to Orange Julius Caesar demonstrates Trump’s willingness to attack Americans — in their pockets, their homes, and their souls. His sentiment on Monday is a disgusting reminder of Trump’s erratic and destructive influence on the nation.

Perhaps the federal government should shut down, and along with it, the excesses and privileges that spoiled representatives have come to expect. Send them all home, away from the lobbyist money, travel allowances, indulgent offices, and lavish lifestyles that have nothing to do with representing the interests of the common people of the nation. Give the club of 535 a permanent vacation where they have nothing to look forward to but an extra $1.50 per week from their own tax cut.

Of course, there should be a strategic order to the shutdown, beginning with Air Force One. When the money runs out to insure and feed needy kids, the last next debt the federal government should sign for is the cost of Trump’s jet setting to and from his clubs. Following the grounding of Air Force One, the last bean counter to leave the GAO should cancel the credit cards used to fuel every limo and armored vehicle in the White House fleet.

Once Trump’s wings are clipped, and he is safely ensconced in the place he calls a dump, the last White House staffers and secret service officers should securely lock the door on the way out. If Trump wants a shutdown, we say, give it to him — without servants, protection, cooks, or Sarah Suckabee Handers to justify his ignorant xenophobic and racist rants.

If shutting down Washington, D.C. means stopping Trump in his tracks, then a sacrifice has to be made in the interests of national preservation and protection of the Constitution. Without a federal government, Trump’s walls, travel bans, executive orders, and personal agenda stall.

Without the federal government, states and municipalities will be forced to step in to assist the elderly, the children, veterans, and the needy. Belts will be tightened, stock markets will crash, and the GOP will lose lots of money. America’s long-standing tradition of looking out for neighbors, compassion, and unity will return as a beacon of hope during the dark days.

Locked in the White House that is his prison, Trump will spend his days pacing the empty halls of the White House, shouting at portraits, Fox News, and imaginary friends named “Dave,” and longing for a Big Mac and fries. Slowly, the noose of the shutdown will tighten until not even Ivanka’s gentle stroking of her daddy’s back and tender diaper changes will comfort Trump.

As the lights click off, and the cable on the Oval Office televisions goes black, the last comfort that Trump will have will be the pacifier that is his cell phone. As he desperately clicks away to Tweet his blame and personal hatred of democrats, African-Americans, Mexicans, LGBTQ Persons, Muslims, the Poor, and other Minorities, someone, somewhere, will realize that the White House cell phone bill hasn’t been paid — and pull the plug.

And then America can begin to rebuild.

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