Are You Ready for the Evolution?

Prepare Now

Is your business ready for the next social media evolution? The future is social video and success demands using all social media platforms effectively. Remember…

  • You have a story to tell.
  • Every business is unique.
  • Consumers are hungry for real stories and stunning visual content.

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Who Has the Time?

The number one observation we hear from every business owner is, “I don’t have the time.” Developing and executing social media and marketing content strategies requires resources and dedication.

  • Writing content, finding images, shooting video, and editing is demanding.
  • Budgeting up to 10% of revenue in marketing can be a challenge.
  • Successful social media and marketing strategies are valuable investments of both time and money.

We Do What You Probably Don’t Have Time To:

Develop fun, innovative, and functional digital media.

We specialize in small market digital media. Most clients are not poised for global domination and don’t need to pay international media rates to reach a niche, local, or regional audience. We design digital media for web, social media, and even streaming platforms and focus on a client’s individual needs with:

  • Creative posts
  • Original images
  • Relevant links
  • Organic growth
  • 4k aerial photography & video with the launch of AirDog2

Create unique and innovative text, imagery, and video content.

We give your business’s bark a bite by using language, photographs, and media effectively and powerfully. We will:

  • Create concise memorable content
  • Dig up innovative concepts
  • Mark your territory with SEO-optimized content
  • Run down details and research

Don’t chase your tail in circles trying to be a writer, photographer, producer, editor, marketer, and creative genius when the day-to-day operations of your business already demand your full attention.

Make social media management, imaging, and content service affordable.

Budgets frequently dictate progress. Don’t let the cost of social media management and digital content hold you back or bankrupt your business’s opportunities. We respect every business’s right to quality content; produced without worry for copyright infringement, plagiarism, or error. We work closely with clients to ensure a good fit with schedules, products, and financial goals.

Bark at the Dogs

When you’ve reached the end of your leash and don’t know where to turn, contact the Idea Dogs. We help you succeed by:

  • Boosting concepts and ideas with fresh creativity.
  • Polishing and editing blogs, publications, and web content.
  • Producing video and images that are unique to your business.

We are selective and we write and manage in-house. Your content is too important to farm out to someone in the Philippines who knows how to cut and paste. We limit our client base to reduce conflicts and ensure dedication and attention to YOU. We accept and contract businesses that inspire us and those projects that we are passionate about. Contact us to find out how to become one!

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