The Daily Dog: Remember the Alamo!

As the Trump regime bumbles into a second year of chaos and discord, cities and states across Free America are beginning to coalesce into a formidable resistance to the Trump agenda being dictated from GOP held Washington. What began as a coastal movement has surprisingly migrated into the outskirts of Middle America.

Last week in Texas, the Austin city council voted 10-1 to initiate a boycott of companies that are engaged in any manner with Trump’s one-man wall across America. Like most of the nation steeled against the concept of a nationalist picket fence, Austin is the latest addition to a long list of jurisdictions revolting against the multi-phobic policies oozing from Trump’s enfeebled mind.

Texas, deep in the heart of Middle America and a central battleground in the war against immigration, has a proud tradition of independence. Austin’s mayor and city council members defended last week’s vote, saying it represents “the long standing values of this community.”

In a time when political leaders and usurpers fail to represent the people, more and more municipalities and states are echoing Nancy Reagan as they “Just say NO!” to Trump. The immigration controversy is just one of many Trump’s divisive policies to be snubbed. Along with immigration, cities and states on both coasts are offering sanctuary to immigrants, allowing marijuana sales in broad daylight, ignoring federal dictates on health care, and fighting ill-conceived tax laws in the courts.

The growing chasm between federal cohesiveness and independent state authority brought about by Trump’s daily tirades and executive orders is propelling the republic into new territory that will test the limits of the United States Constitution. America has a checkered past where forced federal enforcement of policy over state’s objections is concerned.

In the few instances where the federal government has decided to use force, the outcomes have always been bloody — and those are only the instances worthy of some humanitarian or civil rights issue. Contrary to a 200-year history of progress, Trump means to impose and enforce every negative Afro-xeno-homo-trans-gender-Islamophobic policy he can.

Trump’s agenda lacks any cognitive rationality or moral authority to engage the might of the republic against the will of the states.

President Abraham Lincoln launched America into civil war over the moral question of slavery and the equal treatment of all men, women, and children — a genuine question of conscience. Franklin D. Roosevelt engaged the enemy on two fronts to stop the horrors of war crimes across the Atlantic and Pacific. Other presidents have caused blood to be shed on America’s soil over civil rights and enforcement of the laws that guarantee equality for all.

As citizens in Austin prepare for the backlash from the Trump regime, Americans in coastal states are already defying the federal government at will. Historically, Washington has been reluctant to muster its full force against protest. When it has — in Selma, Kent State, Waco, Ruby Ridge — the outcomes have not always been our nation’s proudest moments.

Until recently, as a nation we enjoyed a leadership cognizant of the lessons of history, of the moral value and authority of right versus wrong, and the restraint and temperament that accompanies knowledge and wisdom. In cities like Austin, that brand of leadership is still alive and well, but on a much smaller scale.

We have to wonder, will cities and states have the courage, resources, and resolve to stand strong against the onslaught when Trump’s ego has suffered enough? Until he is removed to a tiny cell somewhere, Trump remains the greatest threat to American safety and security and it is only a matter of time before the nation witnesses another Kent State on a Fort Sumter scale.

A showdown is brewing, and whether it happens in the modern Wild West of Austin, or the streets of Berkeley, it will replace all other clashes as America’s Tiananmen Square. When it does, Donald Trump will have fulfilled his destiny and joined his heroes…and America will redefine its patriots and perhaps its national borders as “Remember the Alamo” assumes new meaning.

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