The Sunday Dog: Una Nueva Heroína

Donald Trump does not like to be dressed down, especially by a woman. Therefore, it must be a particularly painful weekend for Trump following the raw and emotional verbal stripping he received from San Juan Mayor Carmen Y. Cruz. With her city in ruin, and the rest of the island rapidly descending into third-world country status, Cruz lit Rocket Mouth’s fuse over his inept attention and handling of the worst humanitarian crisis in modern American history.

10012017 Cruz
Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz gets real with Donald Trump. Photo: CNN

Trump responded as a crybaby always does, by decrying any criticism of his alleged leadership abilities with paranoid conspiracy theory parries. Instead of reassuring Puerto Ricans that their homeland was at the top of his priorities, Trump lashed out at Cruz, claiming that she conspired with Democrats and the “fake news” to make him look badly. He called on people with no phone, no power, and no food, to ignore the “fake news” about the very humanitarian disaster they were living.

Donald Trump is a goddamn monster.

Josef Stalin, the Soviet dictator who resorted to murder as a means to resolving any difficulty, once said, “Death solves all problems…no man, no problem.” During Stalin’s era of The Great Terror, the ruthlessness of the killings rivaled only Hitler’s annihilation of the Jews in Germany. Stalin was a man so busy liquidating entire groups, blocs, and populations that he took pride in millions of deaths as a worthwhile statistic. It is not unreasonable, considering the current political climate in the United States to foresee Trump making similar claims.

As the island of Puerto Rico attempts to survive nearly two weeks since the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the humanitarian crisis is turning into a deliberate state inaction — the likes of which American democracy has never witnessed. In turning a blind eye to the suffering, destruction, and death, Donald Trump has demonstrated the most psychopathic behavior of any modern U.S. leader. He plays golf while he tweets condemnations of the very people in need of aid and lifesaving assistance.


The childish tweets of a lunatic 70-something going on five.

Puerto Rico has a population of 3.7 million. Over 700,000 of those living on the island are helpless children under the age of 14, and just as many are elderly over the age of 60. Hurricane Maria has left even able-bodied men and women incapable of finding, foraging, or transporting what little goods they may have to safe abodes. They are without shelter, safe drinking water, or any kind of assistance. The dead lie lay in the streets and Trump is worried, instead, about the billions owed to Wall Street by the Commonwealth.

10012017 PRDamage
Hurricane Maria left streets impassable and almost the entire island without power. Photo: AP

Donald Trump believes that it is an appropriate response of his office to tweet that the citizens — the American citizens — of Puerto Rico “want everything handed to them.” This, coming from a man who does not know how to roll up his sleeves and contribute; a man who has had everything handed to him, including the bath tissue to wipe his golden ass, for the past 70 years of his life. America should be disgraced and embarrassed for each and every day that Donald Trump remains in the Oval Office.

We would love nothing more at this juncture, than for Trump to be prosecuted for his wanton disregard and deliberate indifference to the safety, health, happiness, and life of every Puerto Rican. For each instance of suffering, injury, and death, Donald Trump should be held accountable for his racist and inept response to a crisis that everyone from Al Roker to the local weatherman saw steaming across the Atlantic. For each tweet that Trump invokes the reality-television “fake news” line rather than acknowledging the real-life drama killing Americans in Puerto Rico, he should be found guilty for the reckless endangerment of 1.4 million children and elderly.

He is a goddamn disgusting monster of a human being for which there is no excuse.

It does not matter if you are a fan of Donald Trump the reality star, or Donald Trump the wanna-be politician; or if you hate both of them; or are ambivalent to either of the ruling parties of the American Congress. If you are not absolutely, intensely, and nauseatingly infuriated by the images of pain, suffering, death, and despair emanating from Puerto Rico today, then you do not deserve any leader. You are, sadly, in a soulless class with Trump himself, and are not American at all.

This will be the defining moment in Donald Trump’s wretched and failed political career. It is the moment when the mayor of a city on the brink of collapse pleaded with a nation: To save our fellow Americans. The moment when a woman with more integrity, courage, and concern than Donald Trump could muster in a lifetime, called on him to do his duty.

Instead, the narrow minded, misogynistic, homophobic, fascist, money grubbing, Nazi sympathizing, white supremacist looked America in the eye and said: “Fuck you.” Donald Trump is a goddamn monster and neither America, nor history, will ever forget — the same way the world has not forgotten Stalin.

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