The Daily Dog: Cancel the Show

On Tuesday night, the big news was not the orange clown Donald Trump taking center stage in the three-ring circus that is the United States government. Though not covered by national news outlets with the gravity it deserved, the most significant story in America was the millions of Resistance members vowing not to tune into the State of the Union address.

When the Nielsen numbers rolled in on Wednesday morning, the results were conclusive: fewer people tuned into the 2018 State of the Union than did President Obama’s first address to the nation in 2010. Trump, who boasts about his popularity and claims that his 47 million Twitter followers are all real, could not even encourage each of them to tune in for his broadcast. According to Variety and Nielsen Media, Trump had about 2 million fewer viewers than followers on Tuesday — 20 million fewer viewers than voters who checked a box for Trump in the 2016 election.

Where is the love that Trump keeps crowing about? More tellingly, Trump has been virtually silent on the social media giant since before the State of the Union and has not tweeted since Tuesday evening.

The Resistance Party is growing, along with other grassroots and patriotic movements. An increasing number of progressive, educated, and constitutional minded Americans are taking a stand to the fascism wrought by Trump and the Republican Party. On Tuesday night, the BoycottSOTU hashtag trended on Twitter as millions of users — the Idea Dogs included — vowed to engage in more productive activities than watching Trump’s reality television circus performance.

Ignoring Trump will not make him go away, but it will hit him where it hurts — his ego.

Nearly a year has passed since the Trump regime began goose-stepping all over the United States Constitution and freedom loving American people. In that time, we have made a concerted effort not to refer to Trump by any title, in our commentary, social media posts, or in general conversation. It is but a minor gesture of Resistance, but one that carries the weight of a wrecking ball when acted on jointly like the #BoycottSOTU.

As we move into the second month of 2018 and Trump continues to steamroll over children, minorities, women, the elderly, immigrants, the poor, liberals, members of the media, and anyone else who does not measure to Trump’s hyper-inflated self-image of a peer, we offer a challenge: strip Trump of his stolen title in name and principle.

If millions of Resistance members can change the ratings of an annual political speech, they can effect change in other ways — they can drive a senile fear-mongering dictator mad with demands that he be called no more than “Mr. Trump” by the press and public. It is time that the P-word be eliminated from the national media scene until America returns to a democratic state again where the people elect a president ready to serve them and the Constitution they hold in higher esteem than a washed up reality-television personality who cannot even muster the ratings commensurate with his self-proclaimed support base.

It is time we all call Donald Trump what he is: a failure.

Featured Image: KTLA

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