The Sunday Dog: That Swampy Sinking Feeling

It is painfully obvious in America that it does not take a genius to see how much of our democracy has been eroded by the first year of Donald Trump’s regime in Washington, D.C. Then again, maybe it does…if you are confused; you are not the only one. It is difficult to keep up with Trump and the incessant psychobabble that spews from his Big Mac hole every day. If only McDonald’s would provide the White House with unlimited food, Trump would be too busy stuffing his face to speak or tweet.

How much is three years’ worth of Happy Meals?

On Saturday, Trump was up at the crack of dawn, struck by the inspiration of his incredibly complex intellect. His first instinct and national priority yesterday morning was to boast to America about how stable he is — and really, like really, no duh, smart. There is something wrong intellectually and mentally with a 70-year-old man who tweets like a 1980s Valley Girl.


Trump’s tweet comes across at first glance as some self-absorbed nonsense that America is quickly becoming numb to. However, it can be interpreted in another even less flattering and pitiful slant.

He is terrified of the failure that he has become.

The tweets, challenges, and antics emanating from the White House over the past twelve months are increasingly desperate. They no longer appear as cries of egotistical boasting, but cries for help from a man who — unless he is distracted while chasing a tiny white ball around his backyard — realizes that he has bitten off more than he can chew. The self-reflection of failure has caught up to Trump and his tweets have nothing to do with proving anything to America. His words Sunday hint at a self-written epitaph.

Trump is no longer relevant, and there is some argument to the idea that he never was relevant. He is a real estate developer who has led a flashy life in Manhattan and other places, but he has made no real contribution to society. He has not earned the widespread respect of any particular peer group, won awards, or been recognized for social, humanitarian, artistic, or practically any other accomplishments. Donald Trump is a Nietzschean zero facing the existential realism that neither he, nor his children, will occupy more than a fraction of a pixel of a blip on the radar of American history.

Meanwhile, the real geniuses of our nation are seeing clearly the damage and threat that Trump presents to our nation through his erratic, self-absorbed, and incapable attempts at political immortality.

On Thursday, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg announced that she had hired a full slate of clerks for the next three years. By staffing her office through the next election, Ginsberg, 84, has made it clear that she intends to stay on the bench to see out Trump’s term of office. Like so many women, and others, Ginsberg has come under attack by Trump. She represents a critical steadying liberal voice on the Court at a time when Trump would rather destabilize the judicial branch. Ginsberg’s decision to remain active comes as a blow to the conservative republican agenda led by Trump.

Ginsberg has been outspoken about Trump. At times, she has called him a “faker” and spoken of his egotistical manner. Trump, in his stable and genius manner, has referred to Ginsberg’s “dumb political statements” saying that her “mind is shot.” Trump’s juvenile name-calling does not coincide with Saturday’s statement endorsing his own genius.

Recently, other high-profile personalities and Trump opponents have spoken out against his seemingly senile rants. Questions about Trump’s fitness are seeping into the media as both professionals and laypersons speculate about his mental capacity. It will take more than a Saturday morning tweet to reassure and prove to America that he is either stable or intelligent. It will require acting the part by not sharing self-indulgent and self-promoting evaluations of his own capacities.

Trump is the ultimate reactionary creature. He threatens to sue. He insults his opponents. He tweets playground retorts. Reactionary thinking is not the hallmark sign of either a stable person, or a genius. Reaction, as opposed to rationalism, planning, and anticipation, is a sub-intellectual trait — a remnant of our reptilian brain. Reaction is a drive to survive and nothing more. Sadly, for Trump the Swamp’s smarter creatures threaten his chances of survival.

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