The Daily Dog: Rotten to the Core

Yesterday, the founders of the research firm, Fusion GPS authored a New York Times op-ed detailing their frustration with the U.S. Congress and its investigation of the Trump-Russia scandal. In the Tuesday op-ed, Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch demanded that their testimony be released to the public.

Fusion GPS is a Washington, D.C. based commercial research and intelligence firm. Both Simpson and Fritsch are former journalists. They fell under Congressional scrutiny and the public spotlight last year after their firm hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a dossier on then candidate Donald Trump. The Steele Dossier, as it has come to be known, has been at the center of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Republican congressional investigators have seized on the fact that the Steele Dossier was a product of the Clinton campaign. However, Simpson and Fritsch made clear in yesterday’s op-ed, that the Republican effort to cast the dossier in a poor light is merely a smokescreen. Both republican and democrat organizations approached Fusion GPS to investigate candidate Trump.

Congressional republicans have been shy to criticize or condemn Donald Trump. A disturbing pattern has emerged in the past months. Either they without judgment of a man who is clearly destroying and disassembling America’s democratic institutions, or they retire from the party quietly with their tails between their legs. The few republicans who have offered harsh words against Trump’s dictatorial ways have suffered severe reproach from their peers. It is as if the Steele Dossier is just the tip of the iceberg in Washington politics and Trump holds another 535 dossiers for blackmail purposes.

In Tuesday’s op-ed, the Fusion GPS founders detail how Trump and the republican machine have attempted to discredit the Steele Dossier by attacking Simpson and Fritsch. They also explicitly confirm the myriad connections between Trump and a number of Russian links — citing sources, including one inside Trump’s campaign that had reported Trump’s business practices to the FBI. They highlighted Trump’s “wide array of dubious Russians” that “raised questions about money laundering.”

Simpson and Fritsch’s column does more than highlight Trump’s growing and apparent guilt in a far-reaching scandal. It demonstrates how Trump is merely the skin of a rotten apple. His position in the White House is a public one, glamorized by his reality-television show personality, daily tweetstorms, Florida mansions, and private golf courses. For those consumed with Trump and his hollow promises, it is easy to overlook the constant cover-ups offered by republicans at the expense of their personal and professional integrity.

As America rings in a new year, it is appropriate and fitting that we are finally privy to the information and closely guarded secrets of the past year. Simpson and Fritsch concluded their op-ed with a clear statement that should resonate in the heart of every true American — calling their duty to expose Trump for the fraud that he is “their First Amendment privilege.”

The coming year is likely to see an escalation in the divide between democrat and republican, and between friends and neighbors everywhere. Trump has been successful and consistent in one thing during his first year in power, and that is the effort to cast doubt, fear, and divisiveness among the people of this nation. In an effort to preserve his own skin, he has pummeled and sacrificed the spirits of millions of Americans.

However, with yesterday’s brave and patriotic expose by the Fusion GPS founders, America is a step closer to truth, answers, and the healing necessary to restore our democracy to its former glory. Simpson and Fritsch have taken a bite of Washington’s apple, and shown us all that it is rotten to the core.


Featured Image: The Daily Caller (Glenn Simpson (L); Donald Trump; Peter Fritsch (R))

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