The Daily Dog: Bad Puppy!

The world was only hours into a new year, the traditional global opportunity for fresh starts, renewals, and the celebratory march of human progress, when it was marred by a series of insincere and annoying tweets oozing out of Donald Trump’s leaky brain like water from a dripping faucet. A new year — whether it occurs based on the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Chinese, or any other calendar — is a universally recognized celebration of the individual and cultural values that separate humans from animals. Trump must prefer the company of animals.

The conscious passage of time requires a higher level of cognitive reasoning and conceptual abilities. Those same abilities are the learning requirements that allow each of us to understand, imagine, and plan that we can be better in a new year if we make changes in our lives. The human nature to want to be improved in some way is part of the evolutionary development of a brain capable of self-perception and personal judgment of that image in the mirror each morning.

What must Donald Trump see when he rises on January 1, 2018 and decides to attack yet another nation that shares the globe with the United States? Based on the past year of Trump political hijinks, it is not likely that Trump recognizes anything more than a dog or cat may see when it passes a mirror. In fact, Trump’s utter lack of any ability to change or learn suggests that a kitten posing with its mirror playmate may possess more brainpower than Trump.

For the entirety of 2017, the American media, public, and Congress gave Trump generous latitude in his inability to lead with intelligence, dignity, compassion, and a wide range of other necessary human traits. Too many times, his detractors granted leeway because of his inexperience with Washington, D.C. ways, or his so-called political naiveté.

America is typical hard on its politicians. We do not offer free passes, grade on a curve, or forgive and forget the blunders of the present or past. At least until Trump came along. The media especially is typically ready to seize on any minor misstep.

Trump should not have been treated any differently that any former occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue simply because he is a soulless dictatorial imposter invading the democratic landscape of America. While he has complained about the media’s treatment, it has been far less harsh than independent commentary of #TheResistance members on Twitter. For a year, America’s mainstream media has remained soft and focused on protocol.

Because the AP Stylebook dictates how to print a title, does not necessarily mandate that a title be used. We are waiting for the day when any media outlet in America begins calling Donald Trump by his name and nothing else. There is a certain ethical requirement to writing and reporting that should overcome the basic rules of style. If, as a newscaster, you do not respect the man, and believe that he has denigrated the good office he usurped, then stop disrespecting the title by referring to him as an office holder.

It is time, in 2018, to celebrate the New Year by throwing protocol out the door. America, throw the pomp and circumstance of politics out the door. When congress no longer represents the interests of the people, why call its members “Honorable,” “Representative,” or “Senator?” Strip the leadership of its titles, respect, and dignity before we strip them of their offices. Trump is nothing more than a Donald, and should be referred to as such.

We cannot expect change from the nation’s leaders in 2018 simply because we trust their human nature. We can only expect change that we resolve to make on our own — whether that change is a will to resist, vote, demonstrate, or become stronger on a personal level. It is how we exercise our wills that result in changes and the continued progress of our nation towards greater humanitarian goals and achievements.

And while a society may be judged on how it treats those lesser creatures — like animals — it is time to put the simple-minded animal in the White House where he belongs. Besides, he seems so much happier like a puppy, chasing a little white ball through the grass and feeding on scraps of a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Happy New Year America!


Featured Image: CNN

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