The Daily Dog: The Elephant in the…

In yet another destructive move aimed to disassemble his predecessor’s achievements in the White House, Donald Trump this week reversed a policy on the import of African elephant ivory. Wildlife advocates and conservationists criticized the policy shift saying that it will put earth’s largest land mammal in harm’s way…from over-privileged white men.

Who ever imagined the symbol of the GOP would fall under attack from Trump and his regime?

Trump’s policy reversal was announced during a pro-trophy hunting conference in Zimbabwe, and has the immediate appearance another ill-conceived and self-serving Trump mandate. The deal smells about as bad as an elephant carcass left to rot for want of two tusks. It is no coincidence that Beavis and Butthead — also known in Washington circles as Trump’s male progeny — are avid big game hunters.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, headed by Trump appointee Greg Sheehan and overseen by the controversial Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, supported the move. The agency cited African nations’ conservation efforts in recent years and rebounding elephant populations. The agency’s explanation did not satisfy conservation groups.

On Thursday, a deputy director of the National Resources Defense Council vowed to fight Trump. Elly Pepper said that his organization would consider legal action to block the policy and make it more difficult for trophy hunters like Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. to execute wildlife for tusks and heads.

Twitter users reacted quickly to the announcement, posting photos of the Trumps with dead animals and retweeting sordid stories about their African hunting excursions. Some media outlets have reported that Donald, Jr. rarely kills his own prey, but pays hunters to wound the animals to make his kill easier.

Like father like sons…Donald Trump himself has an established pattern of preying on subordinates and people in disadvantaged positions. Last month he derided a grieving military widow. Before that, he attacked vulnerable immigrants with his deportation policies. Last spring he targeted Mika Brzezinski in a series of foul tweets. Trump has consistently shown that he is a true bully afraid of confronting anyone on his level and his regime and the GOP prey on America’s most vulnerable citizens.

Conservationists are not surprised by Trump’s stance on African elephant ivory and other trophy animals. His drive for narcissistic satisfaction knows no bounds and collecting trophies — from mail order brides to African wildlife — seems to be an easy way for a man with money and no talent to prove his worth.

Perhaps Trump should start collecting some American elephant heads for his trophy wall as Republican leaders continue to kowtow to his bullish manner and asinine policies. After all, he already has Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s heads up his ass. All he needs to do is put them on a wall in the West Wing.






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