The Daily Dog: The Value of a Penny

It took Donald Trump nearly three weeks to go to Puerto Rico following two devastating hurricanes, and when he finally went on Tuesday, he complained. In true Trump style, Trump chastised the island’s residents over the effects that their pain, suffering, and loss would have on the federal budget. It seems Trump has a double standard for unnecessary expenditures.

In Trump’s gilded world of privilege and excess, it is acceptable to make regular trips, at taxpayers’ expense, to privately owned clubs and properties. It is righteous and necessary for cabinet members, with net worths in the hundreds of millions of dollars, to continue their lavish lifestyles while in public service. Even more disturbing, the Trump regime and his Congressional cohorts find every way to explain away white Wall Street investors taking away health care, welfare, and support programs from the children, elderly, and needy of the nation…to balance their budget.

10052017 Relief
Trump is worried about dollars for Puerto Rico, while Americans are worried about Americans.

That Trump’s most boisterous concerns since Maria devastated Puerto Rico have been his popularity and the expense of tragedy, is a telling indicator of his concern for the American people. Trump is not at all concerned about 325 million U.S. residents, illegal aliens, or their safety of any group. In the tiny psychopathic world of Donald Trump, he is concerned only about himself. The people of Puerto Rico and the United States are merely pennies compared to Trump’s millions of dollars that he claims to be worth.

Trump uses elementary demonstratives to describe everyone person, event, or detail in vague generalities. He speaks of “wonderful” things happening for “great” people and puts the world in terms that he believes will appeal to a simple-minded audience. He is insulting and base. When things go wrong, he is equally basic in his appeal to rile emotions. Someone else is always to blame. Other people do things wrongly, ignore his intelligence, and are out to hurt the populous in some inexplicable or imagined way.

What Trump is too narcissistic to understand, and what his base is too unintelligent to recognize, is that in “dumbing down” the office he usurped, Trump only exposes his own weaknesses. He exposes his lack of empathy, education, irrationality, and knowledge; and of his indecision, failed policies, and directionless attempts at leadership. Trump leads an army of one and it is an army full of weaknesses.

The strikes against Trump are adding up. At this point, Trump has not had a hit in eight innings and the fans are beginning to leave the stadium. Puerto Rico may be just another strike for some statisticians keeping scores, but in terms of the game, Trump just alienated most of the spectators.

While he appears guileless in his feeble and fumbling attempts to divert attention and generate positive press for himself, intelligent Americans are seeing through Trump’s smokescreen. The longer the Puerto Rico crisis continues, the more Trump appears to be creating an intentional humanitarian disaster. The island is quickly turning into a gulag of Trump’s own design — a Joe Arpaio internment camp for the people Trump deigns not to be true Americans.

Despite the despicable ineptitude originating from the White House, there is a positive to our nation’s recent tragedies — “miracles” as Trump prefers to call them in the twisted and senile logic of an aging tyrant — and that is the nation’s true colors are beginning to shine. The average men, women, and children of America are becoming the nation’s true leaders of real value. They are organizing, contributing, and protesting. Those without time are finding hours to volunteer; the ones living paycheck to paycheck are saving pennies to donate; and everyone from homeless veterans to the icons of the nation are taking a knee in solidarity against the emptiness Trump symbolizes. Americans are standing together, locked arms, against Trump’s daily Constitutional attacks, lies, and Twitter tantrums.

Donald Trump has proven one thing to America, and that is we do not need him, his fame, his money, or his inartistic deals.

10052017 LasVegas
White, privileged, and rich…the Las Vegas attack proves that terrorism has many faces in America.

After he went to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, Trump made it a priority to jet to Las Vegas to console the victims of the worst mass shooting in United States history. While he was there, he did not mention money, the growing cost of gun violence in lives and dollars, or how a white terrorist from Nevada would play in to the federal budget. A white, upper middle class terrorist, who incidentally had an alleged net worth in the millions, was a real estate investor, and a foreign female companion. Trump must hate looking in the mirror.

No, Donald Trump did not do much this week except smile for the cameras. That way, he assured himself of enough pictures for his personal scrapbook instead of anything meaningful for America’s history books. As for me, give me an American penny any day over a Trump dollar.

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